Gestton 1100 seats conference system and simultaneous interpretation system Shine CMS COP12 international Conference

November 25, 2021
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Gestton 1100 seats conference system and simultaneous interpretation system shine

                                      CMS COP12 international Conference


Project Background


The six-day conference of the Parties to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS COP12) opened in Manila, the capital of the Philippines




Gestton GMS-5200 series digital conference speech system and GIR-9109 series infrared simultaneous interpretation system, stable performance, simple operating system, CD-level sound quality, high security anti-eavesdropping function, for the smooth holding of the conference to provide professional reliable conference system and technical support .



(▲ An arranged panorama of the venue!!!)


The CMS convention is an intergovernmental international convention established for the protection and management of migratory species, and is one of the five conventions on biodiversity conservation worldwide. The Convention was ratified by the UN General Assembly, with the required operational support provided by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and attended by nearly 1,000 delegates from 124 member states.



Project requirements

As a meeting place for government officials of contracting states, the conference venue should be equipped with audio and video conference system equipment. Therefore, the following requirements are indispensable!
1. The conference system used in this conference requires highly stable performance, clear sound quality and high fidelity to ensure the smooth progress of the conference and ensure that participants can get a good conference experience;
2, in addition to the daily meeting function, it needs to have video tracking and discussion function;
3. Simultaneous interpretation is required for multiple countries to attend the conference;
4, the venue system should have the characteristics of easy operation, easy management and easy maintenance;
5, with the overall decoration effect, and the venue to keep the same style.









(▲Gestton technical engineers are debugging at the conference site




Gestton design engineer team designed a set of digital conference system GMS-5200 series based audio and video overall solution, including 1100 seats GMS-5200 series digital conference speech system and GIR-9109 series infrared simultaneous interpretation system!
1.  a good meeting system must withstand layers of testing

Gestton in accordance with the strict requirements of the organizers, not the slightest negligence, every conference unit after Gestton technical personnel layer upon layer of testing, dare to transport to the hands of customers



GMS-5200 series test and debugging scene in Gestton Jeston factory


2. good conference system, clear sound quality is indispensable

In addition to stable performance, a good conference system needs clear, high fidelity sound quality. Gestton GMS-5200 series conference unit adopts super centroid directional microphone, which makes the tone more rich and full, and has a wider range of sound pickup.

With LED LCD display, the operation is very simple and reliable; Ingenious structural design, according to different installation environment can be added or reduced at will units, such a design allows the system to adapt to different applications of the ability, so that the overall effect of the venue more





Gms-5200 series conference microphone live hd large view



3. The digital conference system that meets the requirements of large international conferences must have stable performance


Gms-5200 series can support 100 microphone units per host, and 1250 units can be connected through the extension of the host. This series is embedded web control, can also be operated by IPAD, mobile phone and other wireless terminals, easy to operate; The system has its own video tracking function, cooperate with the video switcher, can access 6 cameras at the same time, and has the function of face image freezing, which is more in line with the requirements of video recording.



Gms-5200 series host pictures





4. With "daylight level" security anti-eavesdropping infrared simultaneous interpretation system

Good conference system in addition to stability and clear high fidelity sound quality, in international large occasions, with "daylight level" secret anti-eavesdropping simultaneous interpretation system must also have!

Gestton GIIR-9109 simultaneous interpretation system has a highly confidential anti-eavesdropping function, anti-strong light, plasma display screen, stage lighting interference ability is not to mention; Infrared launch board effective launch range of 30 meters, multi-angle launch design, suitable for all kinds of international conference occasions!


Gir-9109 simultaneous interpretation system






(▲Gestton GIR-9109T simultaneous interpretation infrared launcher)



Excellent meeting effect






(▲Bradnee Chambers, EXECUTIVE secretary of CMS, is speaking on a Gestton GMS-5200 series conference microphone)



(▲Susan Lieberman, representative of WCS International Wildlife Conservation Society)


Customer evaluation:

Gestton digital conference system and simultaneous interpretation system function and convenience, participants expressed great satisfaction.

Gestton not only meets the function requirements of the conference system, but also provides a reliable guarantee for the communication of the conference. We believe that Gestton users through the use of Gestton conference system products, Gestton is bound to have more satisfaction with the internal quality of the experience.



(▲Gestton Engineer Liang Gong and the relevant person in charge of the organizers